At Waraner Tree Experts we offer tree maintenance service and so much more.

image of a beautiful tree

Appraisals – Trees have many values, both for their beauty and for the monetary value they add to your property. We can evaluate trees based on their location for reasons including real estate, construction, and insurance claims.

Annual Pruning – Certain trees require pruning at different times of the year. We have created a calendar that describes information about the proper months to prune specific trees. Crape Mertels trees require pruning in the winter months when the trees are dormant.

Arborist Reports – Cities and counties throughout the Easy Bay require a permit prior to removing certain trees. We provide arborist reports that may describe certain issues such as new construction, building sites, driplines, protecting trees, and trees that are hazardous. We also offer an onsite certified arborist.

Cabling and Bracing — Many trees have multiple leads with excessive end weight or bark inclusion. Cabling the tree can decrease the liability of structural defects.

Crane Services – We offer crane servies from small to large to expedite difficult hazardous removals in hard-to-reach places. This eliminates any potential damage to surrounding hardscape and landscape.

Fire Abatement – We are certified in fire abatement.

Landscape Division – Basic maintenance includes light trimming of shrubs to maintain appearance, mowing, and edging. Basic maintenance also includes raking, smoothing any rock, removing dirt, leaves, seed pods, and debris from the landscaped areas, patios, walks, and driveways. Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers includes soil preparation and provision of adequate growth space. Removal and/or replacement of unwanted, or damaged plants.

Licensed and Insured – All of our employees have workers compensation and we are fully insured for your protection.

Organic Colored Mulch — Protect your landscape with organic colored mulch from Earth Blend Mulch.

Planting, Installation and Establishment – We can assist with the selection of appropriate trees for your specific location. The wrong tree planted in wrong location can lead to future problems.

Stump Grinding – We offer multiple stump grinders to facilitate the hard-to-reach areas. We make sure all tap roots are removed when grinding so our clients have that option to replant at their leisure. Once the stump is removed, the mulch is put back into the hole or off hauled depending on your preference.

Tree Hazardous and Health Evaluations – Our certified arborist has the knowledge to identify hazards or problems with your tree, which may include:

  • Insects and disease
  • Root or core rot
  • Poor drainage
  • Excess standing water
  • Lacking water
  • Improper pruning
  • Excessive end weight
  • Bark inclusion

Tree Pruning – It is important to determine what type of pruning is necessary for each tree. Our climbers have the knowledge to prune each tree correctly in accordance with ISA standards. No spurs are used and no topping is allowed.

Tree pruning is the removal of diseased and dead, unwanted parts of a plant. There a few ways of approaches to trimming in total.

Tree Removals – While specializing in large hazardous trees, our men are skilled in rigging large wood as well as working with large machinery that is required to get the job done safely.

They showed up on time, communicated well, did quality work, cleaned up completely, all at a reasonable price. What more could you ask for?

Bill, Concord